WakeUp Docklands is host to an array of activities to suit everybody's tastes. 
Located in the sheltered waters of Royal Victoria Dock, the site boasts visually stunning surroundings with fantastic public transport links in one of the most exciting, up and coming areas of the nation’s capital.

The Shack


The Shack is your first port of call for all things wake and paddle! Housed merrily upon Western Beach in Royal Victoria Dock, The Shack is home to WakeUp Docklands' reception for wakeboard and stand up paddleboarding, as well as a comprehensive shop stocking the finest boards, boots and wetsuits available to suit everybody's needs.
Even if you're not in the market to ride or buy, The Shack is a fully licensed bar, so feel free to drop by, grab a couple of drinks and take a load off whilst watching the action out on the waterfront.
The Team are always eager to help, whatever you're enquiry, so if you're wondering what session is right for you to book, you're looking to get yourself a new board setup that compliments your ride or you just want to chew the fat over the latest goings on, you'll find the Team ready and willing!

The "Gold" Cable

Gold Cable.jpg


Positioned outside The Shack you will find The "Gold" Cable, so called because of the unique golden colouring of it's System 2.0 carrier; the only of it's kind. The reasoning for this is down to this particular cable being the 100th produced by the cable's designers, Sesitec.

The "Gold" Cable is a straight-line, two-tower cable system, spanning 180m over a UNIT Bank, UNIT Pipe, Industry Large Kicker, Industry Manual Pad with Top Rail and UNIT Small Kicker. Sessions on The Gold Cable are ideally suited to those progressing into the use of obstacles and upwards, though sessions of all types can be taken here. 

The "Blue" Cable

Blue Cable.jpg

The "Blue" Cable can be found situated alongside The Oiler Bar and is a Sesitec System 2.0 cable reaching out 160m across unobstructed water.
Beginners and those just learning or in need of a refresh will find themselves most at home on The "Blue" Cable. With nothing but the wet stuff surrounding you, combined with our Team's top notch tuteledge we'll have you up and riding in no time! 

Stand Up Paddleboarding


There is no greater venue for inland Stand Up Paddleboarding than the capital's Royal Docklands. Whether you're a committed SUP-er, looking for a new and interesting way to keep fit or just interested in giving it a try, we can provide a session to suit your needs.

WakeUp Docklands is a British Stand Up Paddleboard Association (BSUPA) registered school. This means we only offer lessons with our professionally Certified BSUPA Instructor Team. Our aim is always to provide the highest standards of safety and care and deliver fun and entertaining paddleboard sessions at all times.

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Silver Queen Cruises

Silver Queen”, a Dunkirk little ship, has returned to it's ferrying roots in it's new home, Royal Victoria Dock

Departing just along from the Emirates Air Line cable car, 45 minute cruises around the dock allow you to immerse yourself in a world of Great British history, sighting the Victorian construction of what was once the centre of world trade aboard a pre war vessel that has played it's own part in history.

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